Register 2016


If you would like to enter this year’s Kent Park Classic, I’ll need a few things from you.

First, send in a complete form, including license number, category you would like to race in and contact for you and emergency.
You can find the form here:

I’ll also need $20 for the entry fee, make the check payable to Kent Park Classic.

Send to:

John Burkle
2606 Friendship St.
Iowa City, IA 52245


24 thoughts on “Register 2016

  1. Michael,

    I just dropped the registration form and payment in the mail. I hope I’m in time to make the cut.

    Joel Mason
    Cedar Falls, IA

  2. Michael, form/check will be in the mail tomorow. Liscense purchased via USA Cycling too. Please let me know if I am too late!

    • You should have time if you get it in the mail tomorrow, I prefer not to have to mess with this at race day. I have to have all start lists and info set for the judges on Sunday.

  3. Looking to send in my registration today (wed.), early afternoon, do you figure I’ll still be able to get in even if it doesn’t arrive on time? I’m located in des moines. Thanks

  4. I’m in the same boat as David. Would it be better to mail today(3-11-15) from Mason City or wait till race day? I’ll mail it this morning it should be there.

  5. Michael – I just got the “all clear” to race and would like to register for this Sunday’s race. The race form is not allowing me to fill out the registration form. Can I print this off and bring it and $15 with me Sunday? Pete Basso – Cat 3 Racer Rasmussen Bike Shop

  6. I sent you a message on Facebook and an Email on thursday, Haven’t gotten a reply so bringing my registration to race-day

  7. Hi, I’d like to sign up form the men 40+ race. Having trouble logging into USA cycling right now to get to the waiver form but will sent the stuff including the check once that is sorted out. License-# is 319496.

  8. I had sent mine in and it was returned yesterday due to some old stamps lingering around our house…. Sent out again with correct postage, will bring a form with me on race day as well

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