2016 Registration is Closed.

The 2016 Registration is now closed.  If you missed out this year, be sure to  get registered early next year.  The rider list is finalized.  If your name is not on the list we did not receive your entry in time. Thanks!

Course Sweeping and stuff

If you are interested, we are sweeping the course Saturday at 2:00pm, followed by a lap or two around the course. Anyone who would like to bring a prize for the raffle drawing is welcome as well, everyone is entered automatically in the raffle, so if you bring some cookies, there is a fair chance…

Closing in on the event

So, if you are not on the list and think you’ve sent your form in, let me know now. I might get a few in the mail tomorrow, but if I haven’t already talked to you, please don’t wait until Sunday to try and work it out, just get in touch. I’m getting the numbers…

Register now

Kent Park is taking place next Sunday, still time to enter this week, don’t put it off any longer, you know you want to do it now that the sun is back.